Fees and Charges
Full Consultation
The Full Consultation fee is $160, which includes a dental and facial growth assessment, facial analysis, and treatment planning. HICAPS facility is available for on-the-spot Private Health Insurance claim.

Late Cancellation Fee
A fee of $50 applies for appointment cancellations less than 48 hours. Please give the clinic minimum 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule an appointment to avoid the late cancellation fee. Your cancellation advise can help patients in the waiting list to be seen earlier.

X-Ray Fees
New patients will be referred to an external Radiology Centre to take a couple of dental x-rays for examination in the Full Consultation, as our clinic is free from radioactive emission. We have made special arrangements with the referred Radiology Centres so the cost of your dental x-rays will be covered by Medicare, and no out-of-pocket payment is required from you.

New Case
Orthodontic emergency, Transfer cases (overseas or interstates)
A fee of $160 applies for the first visit of all new cases. Professional advice will be given regarding your specific concern. Treatment plan will be discussed at the appointment. Should you require any orthodontic intervention, additional material cost and laboratory fee may apply.

Admin charges
Please ask the reception desk for details.