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Complimentary Initial Assessment

At Simplybraces, we offer complimentary Initial Assessment* for children under the age of 8. We recommend young children to come in early to be assessed if there are any concerns on their facial and teeth development. This is so that their teeth can be monitored by Dr. Ho and any potential problems can be treated as soon as possible to minimise and prevent future risks.

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* Conditions apply.early_intervention_3

Happy Smile Club

Get 10% off for your Full Consultation! 

All of our patients are part of the Happy Smile Club once their treatment has started. If you are friends with any current patients, you may receive a 10% discount for your full consultation fee.

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International Students

International students who have started treatment overseas or are seeking to start their treatment at Simplybraces are entitled to the following benefits:

  • 10% off the First Consultation Fee*
  • Up to 15% off for treatment fee* (Please discuss with Dr Ho for more information)

* Conditions apply: Must present a valid overseas student ID/OSHC card


Special Events

Do you have crooked teeth but want a stunning smile for those photos and celebration? Come and talk to us, we have special treatment plans that are customised according to your needs.

You will receive a 10% discount for first consultation fee!